Segway Team Building in Madrid

New ways of doing Team building including Segways

We organize a different team building day with Segway activities. From a Gymkhana through the Retiro in Madrid and through the Madrid Center, to skills tests or group leadership.

Any type of activity can be accommodated on a Segway and will always provide a more dynamic and creative point than indoor activities.

Mixing activities on Segway, with any others like Escape Game, Bike Tour, Tour Tapas … etc

For large groups of more than 150 people, we combine segway tours with other activities such as Scape Game, Walking tour, Bike Tour, and several catering options.

Create a different team building leaving the participants speechless. Forget the typical boring activities that do not generate group feeling.

Our experience offers you the possibility to customize it depending on the objectives you want to achieve: generate a team, find the personal skills of the attendees or develop creative strategies that encourage lateral thinking. Choose a segway team building for your company and you will see that it is an innovative experience and with positive results.

Fam trip Segway to create unique events

We adapt the Segway tour to your space or needs. We will design a customized Fam trip according to your preferences.

What about team building?

The way to combine activities and exercises to encourage the team concept. The word itself indicates, “team building”. It is the perfect activity to develop group skills, generate challenges and involve participants without business roles of: Seniors, Juniors or employees.

All equal before tests and activities that give motivation to the group and make that ties are built to work better in the day to day of the company.

Segway team building your way

Let’s make your next team building an innovative event that leaves a mark among the participants. We will prepare different proposals for you to choose the one that best suits the group.

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