Street Marketing Segway in Madrid

New forms of advertising with us

the street marketing is a way to do marketing of expectacular on the street of Madrid.

A system to attract customers away from traditional advertising: use our segways on the road and your marketing campaigns and be amazed with the results.

Segway advertising

In Madrid-segway, we have our own department of advertising, with totally innovative media, from advertising on a segway in a static, bright, or digital panel, (only company in Spain that has Segways with this kind for advertising).

Brands like Adias, Real Madrid, Lidl, Burguer King, McDonalds, KFC, Multioptics, Orange, etc, trust in us.

We have also other advertising support such as traditional bicycles or TUK TUK`s.

What about Street Marketing?

Los departamentos creativos o de Marketing tienen que salir del ordenador para buscar nuevas técnicas que atraigan a clientes. El objetivo es usar métodos no tradicionales de publicidad para captar la atención de los usuarios en una campaña.

El Street Marketing sorprende, ya que se crean campañas en lugares donde los usuarios no esperan encontrar ese tipo de publicidad. Por lo que capta la atención y se percibe como algo original y no invasivo.

Street marketing en Segway

Creative or Marketing departments have to leave the computer to look for new techniques that attract customers. The goal is to use non-traditional methods of advertising to capture the attention of users in a campaign.

The Street Marketing surprises, since campaigns are created in places where users do not expect to find that type of advertising. For what catches the attention and is perceived as something original and non-invasive.

Segway Street Marketing

Using Segways to do street marketing you have the surprising element, we help you with the planning and to create a unique idea. You can customize the segways with light panels and screens where you can put your advertising campaign on wheels. Raise the goal you want to achieve with your Street Marketing campaign.

Tell us your idea and to succeed !!!!!!!!!

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