Come and see the best football spectacle

If soccer is the King of the sports, without any doubt the capital of this kingdom is Madrid. Neither London, nor Paris, nor Milan nor much less Berlin have got the teams from its cities facing each other at Final of the most important club championship: The Champions League. In both 2014 and 2016 the eyes of the whole world looked at our city with envy.

Those two finals can be the most important matches between the two teams of our city, but any single Madrid resident has different memories from the derbies that he has lived and enjoys throughout his life. No one can forget those controversial plays between Futre and Buyo, Hasselbaink’s doubled, Raul’s first goal in the league or Ronaldo’s goal in 14 seconds after a nutmeg to Atletico 14 and soul of the current squad: Diego Pablo Simeone . But all those memories are placed in an intimate place of memory, almost local, when thinking about the two finals that our teams played in Lisbon 2014 and Milan 2016. Our derby broke all limits and the two teams of the capital clashed in the grand final of the Champions League turning Madrid into the world capital of football. Without any doubt whether this year the draw for the semi-finals would have been different, another derby would have been repeated in Cardiff, demonstrating Madrid’s hegemony in the King of the sports.  More than 110 years after the first match between Merengues and Colchoneros, the derby reached its height in Lisbon in 2014, when for the first time in history two teams from the same city disputed the European scepter. The final of Lisbon will not only go down in history for this data but also for having been one of the most exciting final of all those played so far and by far. Whether or not wins our team the last derby in the Vicente Calderon, we cannot ignore that there is no derby on this side of the Atlantic more important than our city.

If art lovers must visit the Louvre, Moma or the Prado Museum football lovers shouldn´t avoid visiting our city if they want to enjoy the best football game that can be seen in these times. However, as people from Madrid are so kind and generous we have decided that every now and then both teams reach the final of the Champions League so that people from all over the world enjoy what is ours, so far it only have been disputed In Lisbon or Milan, but there is no doubt that the derby between Colchoneros and merengues will be played in other cities in years to come. Because the eyes of the whole world will continue looking at our Capital city to be able to enjoy the biggest spectacle of the World-wide soccer because there is more amusement than the one offered by the two Madrid teams. From Madrid, we invite all sports fans to enjoy the show that our people offer either on the Manzanares riverside, in the Castellana or in the new Metropolitan.

Come and see, the biggest football show is served. Our city invites you to enjoy football like never before.

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