Nowadays the opinion about the cleanliness of Madrid depends on the origin of the traveler, for many, it is a very clean city for its size, for others, it leaves much to be desired in terms of cleaning its streets. But to Cesar what is Cesar´s and on the third-anniversary celebration of the Carlos III birth, it would not be fair to obviate that we owe him the modern appearance of Madrid. Since the city old look seemed medieval. Pigs walked freely through the streets, people threw their rubbish and wastes to the street and to the famous cry of “Agua va”* they threw what was not rubbish, as well. Streets were authentic muds, rivers and creeks were not exactly idyllic and pristine streams of water, the facades of the houses were made of adobe, therefore they became the perfect habitat for fungi and bacteria. Moreover, the garbage collection was done by the famous method of “the tide” that spilled the garbage rather than collected. However, everything changed with the ascent to the power of Carlos III, who on his arrival said: “My subjects are like small children if they are not washed they cry and they complain”. So he decided to invest in the change and facelift of our capital city, hence he is remembered today as the Best Mayor of Madrid because it was he who laid the foundations of the modern city of which we are proud of today.

On his arrival animals were forbidden to circulate freely along the streets, in addition, he built the sewer system, whose ruins can be visited today in the metro station of Opera. He also introduced the custom of using cologne and perfumes, a fact that to be thanked by the nostrils of Madrid residents and visitors. On the other hand, he ordered the outwards houses to be coated, making the city a more aseptic place, the streets were paved, avoiding the formation of mud. At last but not least, the refuse collection system was also renewed, giving rise to the famous Sabatini chocolatiers and installed a lighting system throughout the city, thus becoming a safer city.

In conclusion, when one walks through the streets of Madrid should never forget that your safety and nostrils are safe thanks to Carlos III, the best mayor of Madrid.


*Timber, water goes

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