Escape Games in Madrid

Get ready to enjoy outdoor escape games at El Retiro Park or downtown Madrid.

A fun experience to sharpen the wit and get to overcome the tests and challenges that are proposed in each game.

How do outdoor escape games work?

In this case you would not be inside an escape room, but the tests are done outdoors in the El Retiro area or starting from our store in the Center of Madrid.

We will do it using an iPad that combines virtual reality, geolocation, online mini-games and virtual assistants.

The teams must overcome tests and riddles to reach the next control point, depending on their expertise and the time spent in solving each test will receive a score.

The winners will be the first to perform all the tests in less time.

What kind of escape games can I choose?

There are two formats of scape games depending on the type of team building you want to make.

The Spy Mission

A spy mission in which many challenges come into play that must be overcome with good teamwork and individual skills. The purpose is not to be discovered and get to the end by making you go through a spy.

Magic Adventure (focused on groups of teenagers)

fantastic creatures, magic and many hidden legends that you will have to decipher using the magical powers of the group and the individual skills of each member of the team.

Let the adventure begin !!!


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