Access to our website means the use of cookies. Cookies are small quantities of information which are collected from each person using the website, so that the server remembers certain information which could later be useful. This information allows the identification of you as a particular user and allows the server to save your personal preferences, and technical information such as particular pages that you visit. Those users who don´t wish to receive cookies, or want to be informed before they receive cookies, can configure their browser to do so.

The majority of browsers nowadays allow the management of cookies in 3 different ways:

  1. Cookies are never accepted.
  2. The browser asks the user if it should accept each cookie.
  3. Cookies are always accepted.

The browser can also include the possibility to which specify which cookies the user has to accept and which ones they do not have to. In particular, the user can normally choose from some of the following options; to reject cookies from certain websites, to reject cookies from third parties, to accept cookies that do not persist (they stop once the browser has finished), to allow the server to create cookies for a different domain. Furthermore, browsers can also allow users to see and remove cookies individually.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that downloads onto your computer upon admission to our website. Cookies allow us to, among other things, retain and recover information about the browsing habits of a user and, depending on the information that the cookies contain and on the way in which they use their computer, can be used to recognise the user.

What type of cookies does our website use?

Our website uses Google Analytics to measure the interaction of the user with the website. This cookie is developed by Google and allows us to know that there is a user on our website, and to improve the website as a consequence.

Administration of Cookies

You can allow, block or remove installed cookies from your computer by changing the settings of the browser installed on your computer.

  • For more information about the browser Firefox: Mozilla Firefox
  • For more information about the browser Chrome: Google Chrome
  • For more information about the browser Explorer: Internet Explorer
  • For more information about the browser Safari: Safari
  • For more information about the browser Opera: Opera


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