Ahora que el frio asoma por la puerta de la ciudad, se podría decir que no hay manera más madrileña de combatirlo que tomándose un buen chocolatito caliente con churros (o porras). Que madrileño no tiene el delicioso recuerdo de ir agarrado de la mano de sus padres vestido con gorro, bufanda, guantes y/o manoplas camino de la churrería a comprar unas docenas de churros y un buen chocolate para toda la familia. O despertarse el fin de semana con el olor y el calor de los churros y el chocolate. El chocolate con churros es, incluso, mas sabroso y dar más calor que bailar un chotis bien agarraos. Por lo tanto, no hay pareja mas castiza, ni deliciosa que los churros y el chocolate caliente en invierno.

Winter is coming, and without a doubt, there is no way to warm up more in Madrid than by having a good chocolate with churros. Every madrileño has among his or her best memories going hand in hand his or her parents wearing a wool cap, gloves, scarf and/or mittens on his way to the churrería to buy a few dozen churros and a good hot chocolate for the whole family. Who does not remember waking up on the weekend with the smell and heat of the churros and chocolate. Chocolate with churros is even tastier and hotter than dancing a good chotis. There is no more traditional, or delicious couple than churros and hot chocolate in winter.

The origin of churros is not very clear, there are historians who place it in the magical and legendary Egypt, or in the Hispano-Muslim period. But the fashion of eating churros in Madrid is believed to be dated backed to the 19th century, when the city received street traders and showmen. It seems that they transmitted this recipe based on white flour, water, salt and oil, in abundance, for frying.

It was an ingenious, inexpensive snack that went from satiating hunger among the popular class to being a luxury for the aristocracy. Still today churros and hot chocolate are sold, in several walks or events of the province or in the moments in which a fair in the region is celebrated.

However, they were born there is no doubt that they are part of the life of the people of Madrid. A wonderful afternoon with your family, with friends after a long night of drinks, breakfasts of childhood, Christmas gatherings… Every Madrid citizen travel, mentally and emotionally, to those moments of happiness thanks to the smell and wonderful fragrance of chocolate with churros. Because no it is not necessary to say that churros y porras are the pillars of family happiness and chocolate makes relationships sweet and intense, as we, the inhabitants of the town of Madrid, are from the immemorial times.

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