Segway Advertising

If you want to brand your new product, brand, idea or just establish yourself in the market, we help you to get as many people as possible, in a dynamic and fast way!


An unprecedented way to advertise and give a unique touch to your actions and campaigns. What matters is to surprise and attract the attention of users.


Take your message to your audience, choose the exact place where your audience is and surprise them. Busy areas, shopping centers, city center, the message comes directly to people instead of being the ones who have to stop and watch your campaign. It’s advertising on the move.


The message just at the right moment. Use Segway advertising to do street marketing campaigns, direct advertising or even commercial actions. It is an effective way to invest in advertising.

Advertising with Segways. Make customers come to you

We create any type of Segway advertising.

From street marketing actions to a stewardess walking on Segway with lights in the area you choose.

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